TUMmesa administrative structure


As an interdepartmental institution of the Weihenstephan Campus TUMmesa is headed by two managing directors (director and deputy director), who alternate in their functions annually. The term of office of the managing directors is 4 years, they are elected by the members of the TUMmesa steering committee (TUMmesa-LA; Fig. 1).

The use of TUMmesa, steered by TUMmesa-LA, is primarily open to TUM scientists, but external users can be involved in joint research projects.

TUMmesa-LA maintains contact with the LA of the phytotron facilities at Helmholtz Zentrum München, noting the following aspects:

  • Exploring possibilities for joint integrated research programs.
  • Appointment of a joint advisory board
  • Implementation of joint workshops


The managing directors bear the overall scientific and technical responsibility for the scientifically demanding use and reliable operation of TUMmesa.

They are members of the TUMmesa-LA, preside over it and are elected by it; the term of office is four years.

The managing directors are responsible for the interdepartmental engineering office assigned to TUMmesa.

Steering Committee (TUMmesa-LA)

The TUMmesa-LA independently determines its research goals and - through election - its composition. The expertise of the members should cover the research spectrum defined for TUMmesa, the term of office is four years.

The use of TUMmesa has to be applied for at the TUMmesa-LA. Applications should be addressed to the two executive directors.

The TUMmesa-LA is responsible for the scientific use of TUMmesa. The TUMmesa-LA


  • develops long-term research concepts as well as the use/occupancy plans,
  • regulates the access of research projects to TUMmesa according to scientific criteria (quality control) and issues usage permits,
  • requests final reports as well as publication of research results in scientific peer-reviewed journals, with reference to TUMmesa.

TUMmesa Administration

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kollmann (Director)

Dr. Leonardo H. Teixeira (Scientific Director)

Roman Meier (Engineer)

TUMmesa Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Peter Annighöfer, Chair of Forest and Agroforestry Systems

Prof. Dr. Senthold Asseng, Chair of Digital Agriculture

Prof. Dr. Patrick Bienert, Chair of Crop Physiology

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kollmann, Chair of Renaturation Ecology

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang W. Weisser, Chair of Terrestrial Ecology

TUMmesa Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Nico Eisenhauer (iDiv Halle-Jena-Leipzig & University of Leipzig)

Dr. Alexandru Milcu (The European Ecotron of Montpellier, CNRS)

Dr. Hendrik Poorter (Jülich Center for Plant Phenotyping)

TUMmesa Research Calendar (Occupancy 2021/2022)