Evaluating the possibility of synthesizing slow-release urea by using bio-epoxy coating derived from sugarcane bagasse fiber

Project Leader: Rasoul Rahnemaie (Rahnemaie@modares.ac.ir), Soleiman Abbasi (sabbasifood@modares.ac.ir), Mohsen Zare

Team: Sobhan Mohamadi (PhD student Sobhan.mohamadi@modares.ac.ir)


Urea fertilizer is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer worldwide due to its low cost and high nitrogen content. However, there is a clear need to reduce and optimize its application due to the environmental risks associated with its use. Depending on the environmental conditions, a significant portion of it is lost in the form of volatilization and leaching.

Several methods have been proposed to reduce the loss of urea fertilizer and increase its use efficiency in various environments, including coating urea fertilizer with different synthesized polymers. In many cases, the commercial success of these methods is largely determined by the economic and environmental costs associated with the coating agents.

Here we plan to introduce a new controlled-release urea fertilizer. Our core idea is to introduce a new coating method based on plant-derived coating agents (sugar cane bagasse).