Investigation of the effect of a non-ionic surfactant on water and nutrients uptake by tomato plant

Project Leader: Mohsen Zare,Rasoul Rahnemaie (, Neda Dalir (

Team: Arash Hashemi (Master student,,

One of the ways to save water in the agricultural sector is to grow crops in a greenhouse. Since greenhouse production including tomatoes, is expanding in most parts of the world, improving the water and nutrient efficiency for the sustainable use of water and fertilizer resources is important. 

One of the methods that can be applied to improve water and nutrient efficiency is managing and modifying root-growing media. In this regard, wetting agents such as surfactants are used today to improve soil and growing medium's physical and hydraulic properties. 

Here we plan to investigate the effect of surfactants on water and nutrient efficiency and the growth of tomato plants in hydroponic culture. Our main idea is to investigate the effect of surfactants on the hydraulic properties of the growing media and its indirect effect on water and nutrient uptake by plant.

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