Brunschweiger, Barbara

Doctoral Student

0049 8161 71 4694, Room

Research Interests

Higher frequency of drought events put forest management in Germany under new challenges.

Especially forests in areas that are already considered dry are expected to struggle with tree survival in the next decades.


This project takes place in a forest in Brandenburg and investigates the effect of different forest structures and tree diversity on tree growth under drought.

Therefore, above- and below-ground parameters will be included to achieve a (simplified) holistic view on the different forest stands.

Concrete topics will be:

  • Assessment of forest structure & diversity with terrestrial laser scanning (TLS)
  • Air and soil microclimate
  • Drought stress indicators
  • Soil life/ Mycorrhiza

(Expected duration: 2023 - 2026, funded by the Zwillenberg-Tietz foundation)


since 2023            Doctoral student at Assistant Professurship for Forest and Agroforest Systems, Technical University of Munich
2019-2021 MSc Moleculare Biotechnology, Technical University of Munich
2015-2018 BSc Moleculare Biotechnology, Technical University of Munich