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Current projects

1. Taxon-OMICS - New approaches for discovering and naming biodiversity

27 research projects funded by DFG within the priority program SPP 1991

Our projects:

  • "Cheap and efficient museomics-based monograph: a test with melons and cucumbers"
  • "Jungle Genomics"

Funding: German Science Foundation, started 2017, funding period 6 years, granted support 5.5 million €

2. "Summender Acker"

In the project “Summender Acker” we study the influence of flower patches on diversity and abundance of wild bees and other pollinators in the modern agricultural landscape.

In spring 2020 a specially selected bee friendly and regional flower seed mix was sown by farmer Erich Klas on 4 hectares at Windach near Lake Ammer. The flowered areas will exist for at least five years and will be monitored regularly.

Master- and Bachelor projects will be done every year in the context of this project (2020: Master thesis Luisa Lehmann).

3. Urban Pollinators - Wildbienen in Freising

Wild bee monitoring & observational studies of pollination

Laufzeit 2017-2020 

Completed Projects

1. Systematics of the Oreocereus s.l. cacti

Funding: British Cactus and Succulent Society

2. Nationalpark and climate change

Direct and indirect consequences of climate change on forests: reaction of communities and ecosystem functions

Funding: Rudolf und Helene Glaser Foundation, 2015-2018, granted support 50.000 €