August 2023

We are pleased to announce the graduation of our first master's student, Charlotte Klein, who defended her master's thesis entitled "Analysis of the Factors Influencing Tyre-Soil Contact Areas on Cropland to Derive Simple Determination Formulas for Practical Use" on Friday, August 4th.

June 2023

Prof. Dr. Zare was invited to speak at the AgScience on Tap lecture series on Wednesday, June 14th. His presentation was titled “From Soil to Roots: How Modifying Your Surroundings Can Ensure Your Life.” AgScience on Tap is organized by the Hans Eisenmann Forum for Agricultural Sciences (HEF) and hosted by Prof. Monika Egerer at the Furtner Bräu, a public pub. It provides a platform for speakers from the agricultural and environmental sciences to engage in stimulating lectures and lively discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

April 2023

We extend a warm welcome to Meysam Cheraghi, who has joined us as a guest researcher for a six-month term.

March 2023

We are delighted to introduce Dr. Benjamin Hafner as our newest team member. Dr. Hafner brings a wealth of experience from his postdoctoral research at Cornell University, NY, USA. We are eager to collaborate with him and anticipate great strides in advancing our teaching and research initiatives.

The team members participated in the EGU conference in Vienna, where they delivered talks and presented posters.

February 2023

A warm welcome to Daniel-Sebastian Moser, who has joined us as a laboratory assistant.

We are pleased to announce Prof. Dr. Zare's inaugural lecture entitled “Insights into Soil-Plant Interactions” on Friday, February 9th. During this lecture, he will share his extensive research background, delve into his research interests, and explore innovative concepts that have been the cornerstone of his academic journey.

January 2023

We are pleased to introduce Sabine Kugler as our new administrative assistant.

Visit to NanoSIMS-Lab at TUM (March 2023)