Research of the Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management

Our main research topics

The chair develops new knowledge, innovative strategies and tools for landscape planning. Research projects are characterized by inter- and transdisciplinary approaches at different levels and scales of planning in natural, rural and urban landscapes.

Current Projects

TRANS-lighthouses: More than green - Lighthouses of transformative nature-based solutions for inclusive communities.

Time: 2023-2026


Funding: EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action Program  [More]

Research Training Group 2679 - Urban Green Infrastructure.

Time: 2022-2026


Funding: DFG  [More]

JUSTNature - Activation of nature-based solutions for a just low carbon transition.

Time: 2021-2026


Funding: EU Horizon 2020  [More]

TREEPACT - Impacts of tree pests and diseases under a changing climate: examination of impacts, risk perceptions, policies and practical measures to be able to better address growing risks to trees and woodlands in European cities.

Time: 2021-2024


Funding: EU Horizon 2020  [More]

CUT - Impact of trees on the urban microclimate under climate change: Mechanisms and ecosystem services of urban tree species in temperate, Mediterranean and arid major cities.

Time: 2020-2022 Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG) [More]

CONEXUS - CO-producing Nature-based solutions and restored Ecosystems: transdisciplinary neXus for Urban Sustainability

Time: 2019-2024 Funding: EU Horizon 2020 [More]

Green City of the Future – climate change-resilient neighbourhoods in a growing city. 

Time: 2018-2023 Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany) [More]

Center for Urban Ecology and Climate Adaptation (ZSK)

Time: 2013-2017 Funding: Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health [More]

Past Projects

More Information on past projects you'll find here.