Team Toek

Last name, first name, title Role/Position Project/Research interest/tasks
Achury, Rafael, Dr. Postdoc Biodiversity Exploratories
Argens, Laura Ph.D.-student Jena Experiment
Bastidas Urrutia, Ana Maria Ph.D.-student / Maternity leave Island biogeography, functional diversity, DynaCom
Both, Heiner Technical support Biodiversity Exploratories
Culshaw, Victoria, Dr. Postdoc Ecolopes, modelling
Edelmann, Pascal Ph.D.-student Biodiversity Exploratories, deadwood and insects
Ehrhardt, Michael General technician Biodiversity Exploratories
Engelhardt, Eva Katharina Ph.D.-student Biodiversity change, bayklif
Fairbairn, Andrew Research Assistant / Ph.D.-Student Animal Aided Design
Franke, Anna Katharina, Dr. Local manager

Biodiversity Exploratories

Goedecke, Barbara Technical support, Forester Biodiversity Exploratories
Graf, Marlene Ph.D.-student  
Haber, Wolfgang, Dr.rer.nat., Professor Emeritus Landscape ecology
Heinen, Robin, Dr. Research associate Plant-insect ecology
Joschinski, Jens, Dr. Postdoc  
Künast, Christoph, Prof. Dr. Honorary professor Eco-System Consulting, Insect ecology, plant protection
Künast, Robert Ph.D.-student Biodiversity Exploratories
Merkens, Lisa Ph.D.-student Ecolopes, modelling
Meyer, Sebastian T., Dr. Research associate,
Deputy Head of Research Group

Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning, Agro- and Urban Ecology,

Synthesis and Statistics

Mühlbauer, Maximilian Ph.D.-student  
Neuhaus, Annika Ph.D.-student Plant-insect ecology
Ojeda-Prieto, Lina Ph.D.-student Tansy chemodiversity, Plant-insect ecology
Plaga, Monika Technical support  
Rubanschi, Sven Ph.D.-student Species distribution modeling, bayklif
Sanchez, Oriana Ph.D.-student / Maternity leave  
Seilwinder, Claudia Technical support / Secretary Biodiversity Exploratories-BELongDead, Animal-Aided-Design
Sturm, Sarah Technical support / Secretary Molecular biology lab, Plant-insect experiments, Homepage
Sweet, Fabio Sefanjo Timothy Ph.D.-student

Baysics, Urban ecology

Terzenbach, Samira Technical support Biodiversity Exploratories
Teschke, Alexander Technical support Biodiversity Exploratories
Unsicker, Sibille, Dr. Associated Scientist Chemical Ecology, MPI Chemical Ecology Jena
Weisser, Wolfgang W., Prof. Dr. Head of Research Group  
Windorfer, Laura Ph.D.-student PROTOHAB project
Yao, Xia Ph.D.-student Urban biodiversity