Lionel Hertzog

Chair for Terrestrial Ecology

Department of Ecology and Ecosystemmanagement
Technische Universität München
Hans-Carl-von-Carlowitz-Platz 2
D-85350 Freising-Weihenstephan

Phone: +49.8161.71.3587
Fax:     +49.8161.71.4427
E-mail: l.hertzog[at]

Curriculum vitae

Since 2013 PhD student in W. Weisser lab (co-hosted in FSU Jena). Topic: Plant biodiversity effect on the functionning of insect communities. Research within the Jena experiment.
2011- 2013 Master student at the University of Bonn, Master thesis subject: Predictive distribution models under global change: Using field sampling to validate methodological choices.
2008- 2011 Bachelor of Biology at the University of Strasbourg (FR) with one erasmus year in Leeds (UK), mention good (grade > 70%)

Curriculum vitae PDF

Research interest

  • Plant diversity impact on arthropod communities
  • Plant diversity impact on arthropod-mediated processes
  • Statistical modelling
  • Anthropogenic impact on arthropod communities

Oral presentation



Engel, J., L. Hertzog, J. Tiede, C. Wagg, A. Ebeling, H. Briesen and W. W. Weisser. 2017. Pitfall trap sampling bias depends on body mass, temperature, and trap number: insights from an individual-based model. Ecosphere 8:e01790. PDF


Hertzog, L. R., S. T. Meyer, W. W. Weisser and A. Ebeling. 2016. Experimental Manipulation of Grassland Plant Diversity Induces Complex Shifts in Aboveground Arthropod Diversity. PLoS ONE 11:e0148768. PDF

Hertzog, L. R., A. Ebeling, S. T. Meyer, N. Eisenhauer, C. Fischer, A. Hildebrandt, C. Wagg and W. W. Weisser. 2016. High Survival of Lasius niger during Summer Flooding in a European Grassland. PLoS ONE 11:e0152777. PDF

Meyer, S. T., A. Ebeling, N. Eisenhauer, L. Hertzog, H. Hillebrand, A. Milcu, S. Pompe, M. Abbas, H. Bessler, N. Buchmann, E. De Luca, C. Engels, M. Fischer, G. Gleixner, A. Hudewenz, A.-M. Klein, H. De Kroon, S. Leimer, H. Loranger, L. Mommer, Y. Oelmann, J. M. Ravenek, C. Roscher, T. Rottstock, C. Scherber, M. Scherer-Lorenzen, S. Scheu, B. Schmid, E.-D. Schulze, A. Staudler, T. Strecker, V. Temperton, T. Tscharntke, A. Vogel, W. Voigt, A. Weigelt, W. Wilcke and W. W. Weisser. 2016. Effects of biodiversity strengthen over time as ecosystem functioning declines at low and increases at high biodiversity. Ecosphere 7:e01619. PDF


Hertzog, L. R., A. Besnard and P. Jay-Robert. 2014. Field validation shows bias-corrected pseudo-absence selection is the best method for predictive species-distribution modelling. Diversity and Distributions 20:1403-1413.