Research Projects

Facility Weihenstephan

  1. Habitat requirements and threat factors of native freshwater mussels.
  2. Genetic characterization and analysis of habitat requirements of the Unionid mussels painter´s mussel and freshwater pearl mussel.
  3. Assessment of interactions between larvae of native and invasive pondmussels and their respective host fishes.
  4. Effects of flame retardants on neuronal development in the zebrafish model.
  5. Assessment of habitat improving methods to protect fish populations.
  6. Fish ecological monitoring at conventional, improved and innovative hydropower-plants.
  7. Hydroacoustic assessment of fish behavior at innovative hydropower-plants.
  8. Assessment of fish injuries at pumping stations.
    Causes for the decline in Bavarian fish populations.
  9. MiPaq - Microparticles in the aquatic environment
  10. SubµTrack - Tracking of (sub)microplastics with different identity