Dr. Guangjuan Luo

Chair for Terrestrial Ecology

Department of Ecology and Ecosystemmanagement
Technische Universität München
Hans-Carl-von-Carlowitz-Platz 2
D-85350 Freising-Weihenstephan

Phone: +49.8161.71.4219
Fax:     +49.8161.71.4427
E-mail: guangjuan.luo[at]tum.de

Curriculum vitae

Since 2013 Database Manager of project Jena Experiment
2009- 2013 PhD thesis: Atmospheric trace gas fluxes in natural and semi-natural ecosystems-temporal dynamics and empirical approaches for its simulation, KIT
2006- 2008 Master thesis: Lighting coordination technology in computer visioning in Zhejiang University of Technology (Discipline: Control Theory and Control Engineering)
2002- 2006 Bachelor study in Zhejiang University of Technology, Discipline: Automatization

Research interest

  • Bio-geo-chemical processes in forests and grassland
  • trace gas fluxes (NO, GHGs: CO2, N2O, CH4) monitoring and modeling in forest and grassland ecosystems
  • data analyses and synthesis


2009 - 2013:

Earlier project:

  • The Key Research Items from the Dept of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province Item Title: The Research and Development of Analysis Software of Heart Function Based on 4-D Medical Images. Item NO. 2006C21002
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Title: Purposive Perception Planning Method for 3D Target Modeling.



Luo, G. J., R. Kiese, B. Wolf, and K. Butterbach-Bahl. 2013. Effects of soil temperature and moisture on methane uptake and nitrous oxide emissions across three different ecosystem types. Biogeosciences 10:3205-3219. PDF


Luo, G. J., N. Brüggemann, B. Wolf, R. Gasche, R. Grote, and K. Butterbach-Bahl. 2012. Decadal variability of soil CO2, NO, N2O, and CH4 fluxes at the Höglwald Forest, Germany. Biogeosciences 9:1741-1763. PDF

Chen, S. Y., G. J. Luo, L. Xiaoli, S. M. Ji, and B. W. Zhang. 2012. The Specular Exponent as a Criterion for Appearance Quality Assessment of Pearllike Objects by Artificial Vision. Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on 59:3264-3272. PDF

Earlier publication

The Specular Exponent Measurements of Objects Based on Spheres, In Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Technologies Sydney, Australia, 12-14, December 2007.



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