CSC – Seeds yield

CSC - Impact of climate change on reproductive phase of trees


Plants have certain adaptability to the environment. With the influence of climate change and extreme environment events, the resources of forest investment in reproduction are constantly changing, and even there are special phenomena such as “mast” or “no seeds” in some seed harvest season.

Use multiple meteorological, phenological, and seed yield databases (e.g. DWD, PEP725) that record years of continuous data to explore the regulation of reproductive resource allocation in common tree species in Germany and Europe.

Furthermore, design predictive models of assign reproductive resources, and try to disentangling the influence of ecological and evolutionary drivers.


This work (or project) is supported by the scholarship from China Scholarship Council (CSC) under the Grant CSC No. 201809505003


Fanxiang Meng


10/2018 - 10/2022